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The Grange is a fraternal organization which encourages families to band together to promote
economic and political well-being of the community and agriculture.  Its roots go back to just after the Civil War when President Andrew Johnson commission Oliver Kelly to travel to the  South and to collect data to improve Southern agricultural conditions.

The Grange has been in the State of Vermont from almost the beginning and claims a membership today of approximately 1500 members.   Because of the decrease in the number of farms and farming families, Grange members now devote most of their time to serving the community in a multitude of ways.

Our theme this year is:  "We Make a Difference"

What has your Grange done to make a difference?

Tables will, again, be 4" X 4"; one table per Grange. You can use the table top and front for your exhibit. You can also put up stand-up backing on your table to post exhibits. The exhibit can include a potted Flower arrangement. Each exhibiting Grange will Receive $25.00. First, Second and Third Place ribbons will be awarded. Bring a banner with your Grange name but do not put it on your display. They will be displayed after judging.

Fair attendees will have a change to enter a daily drawing.