2016 Horse Pulling

Tuesday and Wednesday in the Pulling Ring -
On the North Side of the Fair near the Horse Barns

Horses PullingHorse Pulling at the Champlain Valley Fair has been a popular event for the past 90 years. Teams from Vermont , New York , and other New England states Compete in six different weight classes to see who has the strongest pair of Equine Athletes , and win the Blue Ribbon!

Horse pulling is a draft horse competition where horses in harness, usually one or two animals, pull a stone-boat or weighted sled and the winner is the team or animal that can pull the most weight for a short distance.

The sport of horse pulling originated when horses were still used for daily farm work. Farmers would challenge one another to see whose horse or team could pull the most weight. Since then, horse pulling has evolved into an organized sport with teams of equine athletes. Horses that are used for horse pulling are generally not used for work on the farm. Instead, they are worked regularly to keep their muscles and tendons strong and limber to prevent them from being hurt during competitions.

There are different weight classes and strict rules to avoid animal cruelty. The Belgian horse is the breed most frequently seen, but other draft breeds are also used. There are also competitions for ponies, where they pull significant weight relative to their size, but usually for shorter distances than full-sized horses.