Things to do while you're at the Fair

Ugly Cake WinnerCome watch the Ugly Cake Contest

Did you know that for the past several years, kids have been gathering in the Ware building to decorate and compete in the Ugliest Cake Contest? The rules are pretty straight forward, all the ingredients must be edible. Other than that, anything goes. The goal being to create something totally repulsive. Kids over the years have really shown off their creativity. We've seen cakes that look like eyeballs, cakes decorated with squids, cakes that were turned into volcanoes. If this sounds like fun be sure to visit our culinary competition page and see all the different contests you can enter.

Read and Win!

Monday, August 29th

Education is a key element of our mission, and we believe a great way to reward a young person's summer reading is with a special day at the Champlain Valley Fair. Click here to learn more.


Everyday at 5:00 join us as everything from animals to antiques parade around the Fair!
Click here to learn more.

Bonsai WinnerBonsai Display

In the Miller North Expo Centre

Are you fascinated by these delicate, sculpted plants? Come see amazing examples, provided by the Green MountainBonsai Society.