2016 Culinary Competition

In the Ware Building Annex

Ribbons in CookingWelcome to the 2016 Champlain Valley Fair Culinary department. This is the place to compete and prove you are the best in baking or cooking. Do you get raves for your apple pie at a get together, or how about that famous salad you make? Well now you can prove you are the best and win cash or prizes. You could even get a ribbon for those all important bragging rights. Come play with us! We have a new and different competition every day at the fair. Whether you bake or cook there is something for every one.

Ninth Annual Chili Contest

Saturday, September 2nd

Seven years of heat have been showing off at the Fair. We have seen everything from mild to wild chili over the past six years. We've had venison chili, vegan chili, traditional and crazy. Bring us your best and we'll put it up against the rest. Who knows, maybe you can leave with the title of best Chili in the Champlain Valley. Entries will be judged on the complexity and depth of their flavor, not just heat.