August 23 - September 1, 2024


Concert Rules & Etiquette

We want you to enjoy your visit to the Champlain Valley Fair and we ask to to abide by a few rules to insure that everyone can enjoy the show.

Cameras – Cameras in the concerts are up to the performer. Some performers allow personal cameras for snapshots, but most do not allow professional level equipment. They distinguish professional level equipment usually by whether or not the lens can be removed. If you are bringing anything more than a simple point and shoot camera, be prepared to return to your car to leave it there.Rain – Concerts are held rain or shine. The Fair maintains contact with the weather service at all times for the safety of all patrons and may choose to postpone or cancel a show if there is dangerous weather moving in. If that does occur, announcements will be made informing you of when and if the concert will resume or go on as scheduled. Your safety is our utmost concern and the decision to hold or postpone a show is based on that. Umbrellas are not allowed in the venue for safety reasons, but feel free to bring other rain gear.

Children – Not all concerts are suitable for children, please research the music and artist before you buy your tickets. All attendees must have a ticket, not matter what age.

Alcohol – State law prohibits the bringing of alcoholic beverages into the venue or the Fair. Adult beverages may only be purchased from a licensed vendor on the grounds. Anyone caught bringing in alcoholic beverages may be subject to eviction from the show and/or the Fair and possible prosecution.

Chairs and Blankets – We do not allow chairs or blankets into the venue.

Tailgating – We do not allow tailgate parties to occur in our parking lot.

Backpacks and Bags – Please read our complete bag policy.

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